The approach I have towards art are to use experimentation in unconventional materials.Ceithir is Gaelic for 4 to represent the four season the collection is released upon.
The works span from digital art, paintings, and sculptures which draws  inspiration from personal experiences, architecture, minimalism, geology, astronomy, nature, and abstraction .The approach was to create pieces that posses a sculptural levitation affect or a sharp contrast.

To use,collaborate, acquire, and or purchase works from this collection please email at Inquirer at Ceithir

With abstract or non objective art requires the viewer to open their mind to new possibilities and interpretation to the relationship of image , form and color. Upon this awareness the work can be received in a multitude of ways like a visual parable, that requires the observer to interact in their spirit and mind with the piece. God 's nature and existence is abstract , real yet inconceivable to cognizance his vastness and complexity. With non-objective and abstract art stretches the mentality to accept new wonders, just how the belief and acceptance of God expands our minds into new paradigm. The essence of abstract is an attempt to explore ,expand, and reach into the incomprehensible in much the same way we try to understand God.

Works here are created by Tremaine Harris .

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